First Roush Stage 3 Mustang on Ebay


While many people today think of the Roush Stage 3 Mustang as a screaming eagle with a supercharger, it wasn’t always that way. Yes the first serialized Roush Stage 3 Mustangs began production in 2001, but Roush was building cars well before that.

The very fist Roush Stage 3 was built in 1995, and instead of a supercharger it had a very unique and sought after cowl induction system which replaced the stock GT intake manifold. Many are familiar with these rare systems, and they still command huge dollars today in the collector parts realm.

The car you see here is the first of four Roush Stage 3 Mustangs built in 1995, and has been owned by Roush executive Terry Karges. It’s been in a host of magazine articles and has been seen at shows around the US for over a decade.

It has been for sale a couple of times, and is again listed on Ebay. The car has had a complete restoration inside and out which is why it looks brand new for a car with 160,000 miles. The special blue custom pain is sparkling and new in appearance.

Since the original was built in 1995, this car has been upgraded with a more modern Roush interior seating set, shifter and dash applique. Roush Alcon brakes are underneath and the car has a number of other more modern upgrades.

What is period correct however is the perfectly clean and restored 5.0 liter drivetrain which has an estimated 262 horsepower naturally aspirated. The engine compartment looks brand new and is spotless.

The car listing on Ebay goes for another day or so as of this writing, and has flowery explanations and prose including a reprinted article from Mustang & Ford Magazine. The car is currently owned by Miller’s Mustang Barn Museum in Jupiter, FL.

While the listing is filled with a lot of car salesman claim and lingo, this car is truly a piece of Roush history and is the real deal.

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