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Roush Yates Engines and Ford Racing win 4 in a row

Roush Yates Engines and Ford Racing captured their eighth NASCAR Sprint Cup win of the season on Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Brad Keselowski and Team Penske swept the…


Getting last 2014 kicks with Roush Mustang configurator

With the 2015 Mustang due to arrive on the scene any day now, the sun is setting on the S-197 Mustang which has been one of the big success stories…


Roush giving away 2013 “Green Machine” Phase 3 Mustang

Roush is staging a giveaway of their 2013 Phase 3 Mustang prototype Mustang which was used to showcase their all-new TVS top-end supercharger system. In saying givaway, this means not…