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2001 Roush Stage 3 Premium Convertible - #01-0161

This is my 2001 True Blue Roush Stage 3 Premium convertible. I purchased it August 26, 2001. The car started as a fully loaded GT Mustang, then had the Premium Stage 3 package applied by Roush Performance. I bought this car after selling my 2000 Stage 2 convertible - the car that started this site. She will be missed. You can see the Stage 2 modification page here.

This page is to list all of the modifications that I am doing to my Stage 3. One of the coolest parts of owning a Mustang is customizing it. There are a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories available for the late model Mustang. As I modify my car, I try to take pictures and write articles on How-I-Did-It. Hopefully you will find some of the articles useful.

Many people as why I would even modify such a nice car, or what could this car possibly need? Many answers to that, but the main one is that I enjoy it. I think having a personalized car is the only way to go. I did a lot of performance modifications to my Stage 2, and was never quite happy with the overall driveability. The Stage 3 has given me lots of power, and still allows me to modify the small things to make it truly mine.

A lot of people also ask if I get my parts for free because I have this web site. Unfortunately no. I pay retail (sometimes I can talk a little discount) for all my mods. It would be nice if someone wanted to showcase a nice part on my car and get some free advertising. But, by paying retail, I think it allows me to be honest about how I feel about each part I buy.

So, bring on the mods! {mods listed newest to oldest}

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2.8" Supercharger Pulley - 04.18.03
Added a smaller supercharger pulley to the Eaton. Went from 6psi to ~ 9psi. Dyno results soon.

To purchase a pulley, check out the the Forum.

"380 Burn" PCM Upgrade
Upgraded the Roush PCM to the newer 380 HP computer. Upgrade available from Roush Performance.

Installed Hood Props - 04.09.03
My car got major props!! Installed a hood prop kit from Interactive Systems. One of the coolest mods I have done.

Custom Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers and Cowl - 02.19.03
Got some one-off carbon fiber pieces for the exterior. I think they came out real nice. The tooth fairy brought these ;-)

Maximum Motorsports Castor Camber Plates - 02.02.03
Installed MM C/C plates. Will use for better adjustments in alignment. Brass License Plate Frame - 12.01.02
Picked up a custom frame from the SF Auto Show. Looks cool on the car.

Roush Shifter Handle - 11.18.02
Very nice shifter handle by Roush. Attached to my short throw shifter base. Reminds me of my '65 shifter and knob.

How To Install Here

Stereo System - 10.02
This was a month-long process. Kind of sucked. Stereo sounds great tho.
Pioneer AVX-P7300DVD Head Unit with motorized 7" screen
Pioneer AVM-P7000R Main Processor Unit
Pioneer DEQ-7600 Equalizer
MB Quart PSD 213 Component Speakers
JL Audio 10W3-D2 Driver in a JL Audio ProWedge Box
2- Autotek Super Sport SS-200.2 2-Channel Amp
JL Audio 250/1 Mono Block Amp
- custom amp rack in spare tire well
David Navone Engineering Stereo Volume Control (sub gain)
AudioPipe Wiring, Fuse Blocks, Distribution Blocks
New wiring to all speakers


Roush Cold Air Induction - 04.05.02
Installed a cold air induction kit from Roush. Good kit, but the piping is made for a stock throttle body. The Stage 3 uses a 75mm throttle body, so I had to motivate the tube onto the T/B. Nice looking kit however. Painted the Roush stamp red.

How To Install Here

Roush Shift Knob - 04.04.02
Purchased from Roush Performance. Nice addition. Feels good in the hand. I later painted the indentations in the metal with red.

Windguard and Soft Tonneau Install - 04.04.02
Purchased the kit from Haney Motorsport and installed in about 3 hours. Very complete kit.

Made a huge difference driving on around with the top down. Very nice kit. See How-I-Did-It here.

Roush Car Cover - 04.04.02
Very nice car cover with Roush embroidery. Made specifically for the Stage 3. Purchased from Roush Performance.
ProFit Linear Fuel Door - 03.27.02
A fine modification, and easy to install. Purchased from the MustangWorld Speedshop.

Battery Relocation - 03.25.02
Purchased Steeda Relocation Kit, Optima battery, various connections, made custom lid for battery box.

Nice mod, no performance difference. Seems the front end is a bit lighter in corners, but may be perceived :-)

Roush Stage 2 Mufflers - 03.09.02
Replaced the long Magnaflow stock mufflers with the short Magnaflows that come on Stage 2s. Huge difference in sound - I have that rumble again! The sound of the car has been my only complaint. Have nothing to whine about now!!

Roush Short Throw Shifter - 02.18.02
Shifter purchased from Roush Performance. It is a Steeda TriAx with a Roush private label. Very nice shifter.

Love the short throw. All cars should come with a short throw as standard equipment. See How-I-Did-It here.

Dyno Run at Apex Motorsports - 02.14.02
Did my first dyno in the my Stage 3 - got 329.2rwhp and 341rwtq!! Pretty excited about that. Figures out to be about 390hp at the engine.
Stainless Steel Door Sills w/Roush Logo - 02.07.02
Purchased plain door sills on Ebay, then applied the square Roush fender badge. Looks cool and very unique.
A-Pillar Pod Gauges - 01.12.02
Installed Autometer boost and fuel gauges in the a-pillar. I had the gauges and pod left over from my Stage 2. See How-I-Did-It here.
Bassani Catted X-Pipe - 11.08.01
Purchased the X-pipe slightly used from Stan, and he even helped me with the install! Sounds great, and I am sure it gave a little bit of power. More pics here.
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